News | Some updates to the service

Good day dear users of Need it


To start with, I would like to thank all those specialists that accepting our invintations and signing-up with our service.


Together we can change the world, or at least change the way it rolls :)


As some of you noticed, we are constantly trying to upgrade and improve the services, we will continue with upgrades for some time as you know, the ideas never end. So, if you have any improvement ideas, feel free to drop us a line at


Some of the lates changes to the service are:

These changes will affect specialists.

1. Ability to show customers payment methods accepted by your company.

2. I noticed that some of you are adding your logo image to the photo placeholder, as a result the picture get's cropped and the point is lost. we fixed that so the aspect retio is kept at the resing stage.

3. We also added the ability to add company's logo to show with the rest of company's information.

4. As a maps provider we use google maps, so please input your address the same way it is shown on google, otherwise you will loose the benefit of showing your map to the customers.


At this point of time we are waiting for more specialists to join the community before we start advertising the service to customers.

I hope you will enjoy the service and we would appreciate your help by signing-up or bringing friend to sign-up with the service.











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