Some updates to the service

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Good day dear users of Need it


To start with, I would like to thank all those specialists that accepting our invintations and signing-up with our service.


Together we can change the world, or at least change the way it rolls :)


As some of you noticed, we are constantly trying to upgrade and improve the services, we will continue with upgrades for some time as you know, the ideas never end. So, if you have any improvement ideas, feel free to drop us a line at


Some of the lates changes to the service are:

These changes will affect specialists.

1. Ability to show customers payment methods accepted by your company.

2. I noticed that some of you are adding your logo image to the photo placeholder, as a result the picture get's cropped and the point is lost. we fixed that so the aspect retio is kept at the resing stage.

3. We also added the ability to add company's logo to show with the rest of company's information.

4. As a maps provider we use google maps, so please input your address the same way it is shown on google, otherwise you will loose the benefit of showing your map to the customers.


At this point of time we are waiting for more specialists to join the community before we start advertising the service to customers.

I hope you will enjoy the service and we would appreciate your help by signing-up or bringing friend to sign-up with the service.




Welcome to NEED it FiXed Canada

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Have you ever though “Oh, my car broke and I have no time to go price hunting to get it fixed and I’m sick of telling my story again and again to every new specialist I talk to”?


We are sure you did, and not once, maybe not about the car, but about your home renovation, electrical work or any other work. Every one of us though about it many times.


Good News! We created a project that will make or lives easier! NEED it Fixed is a reverse bid system for people just like you, meaning that the specialists are looking for you instead. If you’re a specialist in any field. Register your specialist account and get the job done, customer, post you projects.


How it Works.

This system is global for all Canada.


As a customer

Register, setup your profile with your Province and City. Submit your projects in desired categories with good description of what you need and your budget for the project. Specialists in your area will receive a notification about your project, they’ll read through it and will offer you a service with their timeframe and Min-Mas budget. Next you will choose the best offer or the best specialist you think, communicate, finalize your agreement with them and get your project done! After the project is done to your satisfaction, return to the site, rate and review your specialist so others know.


As a specialist

Register, setup your profile with your Province, City, select what types of jobs you specialize in, search or get notified about new projects in your area, read the description, make an offer with your best budget and timeframe, get selected by the customer, get the job done, get paid by the customer. After the project is done, come back, rate and review your customer so others know.


What can be easier?

As a new service in this area, every person that registers before July 2018 is offered a FREE 1year premium account to have the full functionality of the service, we also have a referral system. Get your referral link in your user menu and give it to your friend and specialists in your area, for every person that registers with your referral link, you will get C$5 to purchase our services.

We truly believe that this service will save lots of time and money and will bring more work to specialists around us.

Don’t wait, register now








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