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-=Post Projects=-

Specialists in your area are waiting to give you great deals on accomplishing your projects. With NeeditFixed.ca you can post your project and just sit back and let specialists contact you rather than trying to track down a business that is available to take your project. All you need to do is sign up for your free account; post your project details and that it. Specialists in your area will contact you with a price to do the job.

-=Tips and tricks=-

Is your repair urgent? Would you like to receive lots of bids? Make your repair listing more visible by adding an Urgent listing option after you post your ad. These options will not only move you up the list of projects but will also show your project in higher priority lists.

-=Compare Bids=-

Once you have received one or more bids on your project you can either accept or deny the offer. You are urged to review your bidding specialist's profile to ensure they meet your requirements. Other customers may have left reviews on each specialist, which will aid in making your decision.

-=Accomplish your project=-

Once you have chosen your specialist's bid, they will need to also confirm the offer details and that's it. You then contact the specialist to setup a time to schedule your job and make payment arrangements. Once you have completed the transaction come back and let us know (and others) how it went.








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